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"Super"Dave Quinn CEcD
Mindset Coach

Change your mindset

Encourage others

Be an influence



Are You Ready To Leap?

Develop your full potential in business and in  life. Learn  how Dave can help you ignite your passion and purpose to new possibilities today! Click here for a free consultation.

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"Capture the hearts and minds of your community with a compelling vision, and success is inevitable."

As founder and managing partner of Day One Experts, Dave and his team help communities leverage knowledge, experience, and relationships to achieve results. Dave is a certified economic developer with a long track record of success. Now, he is sharing what he has learned with communities and economic developing programs around the country through keynotes and coaching programs. His message is simple, success in economic development or life boils down to just one thing, people. Dave helps people to see how passionately pursuing a common purpose can create momentum and break down self-imposed barriers to progress. 

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