Purpose. Passion. Possibilities.

Dave Quinn, CEcD is a seasoned Economic Development Professional, delivering a wide range of training and coaching services for Economic Development Agencies and their executives.
He is a professional speaker and life coach, inspiring others to take ownership of their lives and make a positive impact in the world by sharing their God-given talents and abilities. He travels the country encouraging audiences to pursue their purpose, leverage their passion and open up their possibilities to live their personal best.

Meet Team Quinn

Kimbra Quinn

Kimbra is the redhead in my #RedheadandBaldy. A passionate lover of life, Kimbra works to ensure life is never dull and boring.

Presli Quinn
The Middle Child

Presli is the “Middle” child. She is always the sunshine in any room. People are naturally drawn to her warm and friendly nature.

Griffiin Quinn
The First Born

Griffin, our firstborn is the one we cut our teeth on. He’s witty and loves a good pun.

Pierson Quinn
The Baby...But don't call him that.

Pierson is the baby of the bunch. He loves to play any sport with a ball and is tough as nails.


Sophie is a veteran of Team Quinn and loves to share her love with the other team members. She can’t hear, can’t see, but she loves to help you with your petting skills.

The "Rookie"

Oliver is the newest member of Team Quinn. He loves to attack at random times using his sharp teeth and claws to cause his fellow team members to cry out in pain.


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