Don't Waste Your Failures

As we start the slow transition from Summer into Fall, it will be necessary to layer up for my walks. Today I slipped on this pullover from my failed company, Beingwell365.

Man, I loved that company: the logo, the branding, the purpose. Unfortunately, the market did not.

My team and I worked hard to get this wellness company off the ground. In the end, though, it was simply too costly and time consuming to break into the wellness market.

There you have it. I failed. It wasn't pretty either. It was a long, challenging emotional journey to the bottom. And while it might not have been a success, it did reinforce my purpose of helping others deal with their head trash. Funny as it sounds, it took failing at a mental wellness start-up to inspire me to become a life coach.

I learned that people are hurting more than ever and need someone to help guide them through the twist and turns life throws at them. I learned that it's possible to train your mind to positively impact how you feel and how you respond to the world around you.

I also learned that failure is not fatal. I learned not to be ashamed of failure. The market may not have wanted what we were offering the way we were offering it, but that doesn't change my value in this world. I just learned one way the world did not want me to show up. So I pivoted. Day One Experts was born.

Back to the pullover, Why would I wear something representing a failure? Why didn't I toss it in the trash? It serves as a reminder of all the lessons I learned, the people I met, and the experience I was blessed to have on that journey. They all came at a steep cost, of course, but I have already paid that bill in full. Tossing the pullover now and trying to erase the past seems like such a waste. No, every time I slip on this pullover, I choose to remember the good that came from failing.

My prayer for you today is that you find a way to extract value from your failures. The world is full of people who failed their way to success. I hope you are one of them.

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