It's Just Data

It’s Just Data

Today as I walked with Kimbra Quinn (a rare occurrence now that school is in session) I thought about the shirt I was wearing. It’s from my friends at Mindecology who bring a data-driven approach to their marketing efforts. They are one of Day One’s vetted vendors and they sent me a t-shirt.

I love the saying “Mind Your Data”. It has so many applications in the way we approach economic development. But today I was thinking about how if we accepted the feedback we get from others throughout our day as just data instead of personal attacks we would be much happier.

Think about all the times where someone commented on your hair, your clothes or your dreams. Did you accept their comments as simple data that could be used for good? I know, I know it can be hard like when I come strutting out of the closet and Kimbra says, “Yeah, that doesn’t work.” It’s painful to my ego. It causes a gut reaction in me that is not productive to our happy marriage.

I am getting better at understanding she is simply giving me data. I can choose to use her data input to improve my appearance or I can ignore the data and let the world see how terrible I am at picking out my clothes. It’s 50/50 at this point.

My point is that we get bombarded every day with these types of comments. Learning to accept each one as a data point leads us down a much different path than if we take each one as a personal affront.

My prayer for you today is that you see the feedback your given as a data point that can be mined for good or ignored. Either way, it’s nothing personal, it’s just data.

“In God we trust, all others bring data.” — W Edwards Deming

If you are looking for creative marketing help connect with Darren Drewitz at MindEcology and tell’em Super Dave sent ya.

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