Inspiring Rural America: National Rural Economic Development Summit Announced For Summer 2019

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

The challenges facing rural America today are real. From the declining access to health care, the opioid epidemic, and declining economic opportunities it can seem hopeless. Yet there are those who believe in their small towns. Believe in a way of life that can't be found in the heart of concrete jungles or their sprawling suburban cities. I want to help inspire these people. Those willing to fight for their hometowns.

Coming from a town of 541 in the northeast corner of Texas and now living in one of America's fastest-growing cities and metro areas I fully understand the pros and cons of both lifestyles. Having worked as an economic developer in both rural and metro areas I also fully grasp the challenges and opportunities that exist for rural communities willing to take control of their future and manufacture growth and prosperity.

A delicate balance must be struck while tackling this challenge. On one hand, you must protect the very thing you love about your small town, while at the same time creating the opportunity for growth. Make no mistake, there is no standing still. Your community is either growing or dying. There must be an intentional effort made to ensure the future of your town.

Luckily you do not have to tackle this challenge all by yourself. Coming this July rural community leaders from around the country will be coming together in Tulsa, OK to talk about and share strategies to overcome the obstacles facing rural communities.

Acceleration by Design, an economic development consulting firm based in Austin, Texas is hosting a national economic development summit for rural communities. This event, Stand Up Rural America-Get Yourself a Seat at the Big Table, will feature more than eighteen nationally renowned subject matter experts and successful economic development practitioners.

Topics to be covered include planning, leadership, entrepreneurship, downtown revitalization, marketing, regionalism, business retention & expansion, rural retail recruitment, housing, rural health issues and more.

This Summit has been designed specifically for Rural America. Participants will receive tangible strategies to help rural cities, counties, and regions grow in economic prosperity. The event will feature informative and dynamic panels, presentations, discussions, case studies, networking and celebrating what makes Rural America special.

Lorie Vincent, President of ACCELERATION by design LLC, says

“It has been my privilege to work with more than 250 rural communities and regions throughout my 28-year economic development career. I have witnessed the needs and challenges that face Rural America for economic growth and sustainability. Bringing these topics, presenters and participants together will put viable and tested tools into the hands of the changemakers in rural communities and create an environment for innovative and immediate action.”

This Summit is targeted towards Economic Development Organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Cities, Counties, Regional Groups, Utilities, Lenders, Community & Industry Leaders, and anyone with a vested interest in the growth and prosperity of Rural America.

Scheduled presenters and panelists include Lowell Catlett, PhD, Carol Johnson, Alysia Cook, Dave Quinn, Jim Walton, Greg Last, Matty McLain, Janet Smith, Brad Thomas, Allison Larsen, Adrian Cannady, Rickey Hayes, Kelly Cofer, Dale Appleby, Richard “Buzz” David, David Rushing, Kasey Coker and Kevin Carter.

Registration for the Summit is now open (Click Here to Register). The Summit offers an early discount registration period through February 28, 2019 and they are also offering special group registration rates.

For more information about the 2019 Stand Up Rural America Summit go to

Dave Quinn, CEcD is Chief Inspiration Officer for and President of City Services for Day One Experts, an economic development consulting firm specializing in economic development consulting to companies, communities, and organizations. If you'd like to set up a time to visit with Dave about possible speaking engagements or to find out more about becoming a member of the Day One family click here to set up a 30-minute discovery call.

Dave is a passionate keynote speaker and coach, encouraging others to be a positive influence in the world around them. As an economic development mastermind, wellness advocate and vision caster, he loves inspiring others through talks on Leadership, Wellness, Economic Development, and Personal Responsibility. Connect with him in the social media world: TwitterInstagram, and others @DaveQuinn247.


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