That Dog'll Hunt

That Dog’ll Hunt

Meet Tucker. We’re dog-sitting him for a few days and today he joined me on my walk and inspired this thought.

I am convinced that if we woke up every day and met the world with an excitement to explore its wonders like a dog on a walk the world would be a better place.

There is such simplicity in how our four-legged friends experience the world. They run from place to place looking for something, anything, that will bring them joy. And, when they find nothing overly exciting they simply move on to the next spot without losing their ambition or hope.

If your current spot in the world isn’t all that you’d hoped for, take action to find the next spot. Don’t let the current situation rob you of the next joyful one. Stay curious and optimistic about what’s around the corner. Could be good or maybe not so much. But don’t ever lose the drive to find out. There are joyful moments ahead for you. Keep walking, smelling and exploring the world.

My prayer for you today is that you find the motivation to keep moving forward with enthusiasm.

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