13 Steps to Happiness:
A lesson in mindset from a Costco parking lot 

In this humorous keynote, Dave shares how a chance meeting with an abandoned shopping cart just 13 steps from a return corral shifted his mindset and forever changed his life. 

Dave takes the audience on an insightful journey and inspires them to shift their mindset and take ownership of their circumstances helping them lead a happier more fulfilled journey through life. 

Dancing Concrete:
How passion, purpose, and teamwork leads to success

Over time teams, organizations and communities can become set in their ways hardening like concrete around their responsibilities or roles. When this happens, progress seems as impossible as making concrete dance.

In this energetic and informative talk, Dave will help the audience to see how passionately pursuing a common purpose can create momentum and break down these self-imposed barriers to progress.

The Power of Why:
How knowing his "Why" helped a kid from the country find a big city purpose.

What is your "Why?" What is your purpose? In this encouraging and motivating keynote, Dave shares the power of discovering why.


Using illustrations from his own life story, from growing up in rural Texas to becoming Vice President of Frisco Economic Development Corp. Dave inspires the audience to discover the power of why. 

Successful Engagements


Emotional Health & Mindset
  • How to Improve Mental Resiliency and Find Your Zen in the Workplace

  • Purpose, Passion & Possibilities: Finding your Why

Economic & Community Development
  • Smalltown to Boom Town: How to Make it a Happen

  • Digital Post Cards: How to Create and Share your Community's Story Online

  • Building Cheers: That Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name

  • We Not Me: Regional Approaches for Economic Development


Louise Anderson,


"The audience responded well to Dave's energetic and inspirational talk on attracting residential and commercial development to small towns and rural areas." 

Kathryn Penrose,

Gonzales Inquirer

"The overtone of the speech was motivational and encouraging, and Mr. Quinn challenged everyone in attendance to find their purpose."


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Frisco, TX 

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